Year 2 course description

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– Electrical Controls II Lecture/Lab (36 Weeks) – Will use a sequential approach to exploring basic series and parallel circuits related to A/C and refrigeration. Motors, relays, contactors, thermostats, pressure switches and overloads are examined and wired. The concluding projects are basic A/C and Refrigeration systems. Special emphasis will be placed on electrical circuits diagnosis and troubleshooting.

Customer Relations/Safety II Lecture (9 Weeks) – To gain a full appreciation of the value of effective relationships with customers. The course starts with an evaluation of self and the importance of this knowledge in the relationship arena and proceeds on to video and case studies exploring the importance of effective relationships and what means can be used to help us all in promoting ourselves and our companies.

Safety for Service and Benefits II (9 Weeks) – This course will cover safety as it pertains to the HVAC-R industry. Preparing students to work safely in areas of the trade that can be dangerous and harmful will be the main objective of this course. Introduction to the benefits of being a union member and a short course on union heritage will also be covered.

Installation II Lecture/Lab (18 Weeks) – This course will explore the various elements of installation as it relates the air conditioning and refrigeration field. Pipe fitting, layout, gas and arc welding, rigging, pipe threading, anchoring systems and tools and cutting torch procedures will be taught using various hands-on projects. Job safety will be stressed throughout the course.