Year 3 course description

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–  DDC III Lecture/Lab (18 Weeks) – This course will cover Direct Digital Controls pertaining to the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration industry: including topics such as transducers, sensors and power supplies, and the techniques of reading input and output voltages. Students will also learn how to make the correct decisions when repairing controls.

 Electrical Controls III Lecture/Lab (18 Weeks) – This course will cover advanced electrical controls with special emphasis on trouble shooting and repair. Covered will be proportional controls, economizers, and VAV controls. Motor starting techniques will be discussed including Variable Frequency Drives with safety procedures being stressed.

Thermodynamics III Lecture/Lab (18 Weeks) – Principles of air conditioning and refrigeration will be analyzed through the use of Mollier diagrams to determine COP (Coefficient of Performance), EER (Energy Efficiency Rating), CFH (Cubic Feet per Hour), BTUH (British Thermal Units per Hour) and KW (Kilowatt). The psychometric chart will be explored to measure topics such as Specific Volume, Density, Heat, Sensible and Latent Heat Formulas, Enthalpy and Humidity. Air mixtures will be examined.

Compressors III Lecture/Lab (18 Weeks) – The class will include reciprocating compressor disassembly and assembly while developing a working knowledge of compressor function, troubleshooting, alignment, and performance. Unloaders, oils, starters, and start-up procedures will be explored. Prominent Trane and Carrier compressors will be examined.