Year 4 course description

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Market Applications IV Lecture/Lab (18 Weeks) – Students will read floor plans, refrigeration schedules and piping diagrams in conjunction with laying out undergrounds and overheads in a typical market. Understanding all aspects of component operation and location including; compressors, evaporators, condensers, refrigerated cases, walk-ins, heat reclaim, and connecting peripherals; i.e: valves, driers, etc. will be mastered.

Pneumatics IV Lecture/Lab(18 Weeks) – Investigate and recognize the operation of direct and reverse acting pneumatic controls, air compressors, sizing of valves and dampers, thermostats, auxiliary devices, transmitters and receiver controllers. This sequential pattern is reinforced with various lab experiments. Students will also explore Direct Digital Controls, (DDC). This will include system structure and basic programming of two different types of DDC systems. Market refrigeration training aids will be used in lecture and lab projects.

HVAC Systems IV Lecture/Lab (18 Weeks) – Systems IV is intended to provide an overview of commercial air conditioning systems currently in use today and the methods for servicing these systems. Topics covered will be system types and servicing practices. Introduction to steam, chillers, desiccants, hydronics, thermal storage, geothermal, indirect and direct evaporative cooling will be discussed. HVAC systems for market refrigeration will be included in subject matter.

Heat Loads & Air Distribution IV Lecture (18 Weeks) – Heat load factors and charts will be explored, developed, and applied to the heat loss and gain of a residential and commercial building. Investigate air measurement and air distribution through study of duct design of residential and commercial buildings.