Year Five course description

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Start Test Balance V Lecture (18 Weeks) – Specialized techniques and procedures used in commissioning new and retrofit supermarket installations will be taught. Proper procedures for start, test, and balance of air conditioning systems, utilizing basic principles of air and water flow, will be explored. Other topics explored are fan laws, air movement, pumps, piping, air and water measurement.

Advanced Troubleshooting V Lecture/Lab (18 Weeks) – Will cover advanced troubleshooting techniques used in diagnosing system operation.

Water Chillers V Lecture/Lab (18 Weeks) Understand the proper operating principles of the single-stage, two-stage and direct-fluid absorption chillers. Understand the proper operating principles of the low pressure and high pressure centrifugal water chillers. Have thorough knowledge of the screw type water chiller operation.

Variable Frequency Drives V Lecture/Lab (9 Weeks) – Introduction to VFDs, applications of use, limited troubleshooting. Parameterization for start up, open loop, closed loop, floating point and preset speed profiles.

Hydronics V (9 weeks) – This class will cover hydronic piping and pumping systems used in hydronic systems. The use of troubleshooting methods with field measurement techniques to find and correct hydronic problems will also be addressed. Also included and explained in the course will be the maintenance and cleaning of hydronic systems.