Year one course description.

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Electrical Theory I Lecture (18 Weeks) – Concepts of electrical principles used in AC and refrigeration are explored; to include meters, circuits, contactors, relays, thermostats, pressure switches, motors, overloads, circuitry and troubleshooting. Safe electrical practices are stressed.

Mechanical Systems I Lecture/Lab (36 Weeks) – The design, assembly and operation of compression systems to include basic liquid and vapor control, metering devices, design and construction of system piping, including techniques of leak detection, dehydration of systems, charging methods, recovery and troubleshooting will be mastered.

Brazing & Soldering I Lecture/Lab (18 Weeks) – Safety torch techniques, cutting, fitting and brazing of various copper projects will be explored. Further, the techniques for isometric drawing and pipe symbols for soldering and brazing will be practiced.