Journeyman C.E.P Course Descriptions (Class Code 743023)

-Belimo Motors: This course will cover the Belimo actuator product line and common uses in the HVAC/R industry. Application and trouble shooting techniques will be demonstrated. Control of and maintenance on these actuators will also be discussed. 6 hours (9/08/14 – 9/30/14)

– Boilers:  This course will cover the typical operating conditions and basic service topics associated with heating hot water boilers as applied to the HVAC/R industry. Installation practices and maintenance requirements will also be covered. 6 hours (10/01/14 – 10/31/14)

– Combustion Analysis:  This course will cover Combustion analysis and NOX requirements of various types of heating apparatus commonly used in the HVAC/R industry. Test equipment and demonstrations will be performed to show proper techniques of combustion analysis. Proper installation and applications will also be discussed. 6 hours (11/03/14 – 11/30/14)

– Customer Relations:  The objective of this course is to provide the student with necessary people skills to interact with their customers in a manner which will result in solid business relationships. 6 hours (12/01/14 – 12/19/14)

– ECM Motors:  This course will cover Electronically Commutated Motors theory of operation and residential and light commercial applications in the HVAC/R industry. This course will also demonstrate trouble shooting techniques and inputs required to properly operate these motors Load requirements and motor airflow will also be discussed. 6 hours (01/05/15 – 01/31/15)

– Evap. Cond/Cooling Towers: This course will cover basic design intent and construction of evaporative condensers and cooling towers as applied to the HVAC/R industry. Other topics discussed will be service and maintenance procedures for evap. condensers and cooling towers. A demonstration of applications will be covered. 6 hours (02/02/15 – 02/28/15)

– Screw Chillers: This course will cover the basic operation and design of screw compressor type chillers and their application. Common uses and practices will be discussed and basic trouble shooting skills will be achieved. 6 hours (03/02/15 – 03/31/15)

– Solar: This course will cover the construction, application and installation of solar devices used for “Green” technology as utilized in the HVAC/R industry. Power and heating hot water applications will be discussed and described. Associated equipment and piping will be demonstrated. 6 hours (04/01/15 – 04/30/15)

– VAV Syatems: This course will cover Variable Air Volume system types and troubleshooting techniques. 6 hours (05/04/15 -05/28/15)