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HVAC Core I  (Length of course – 30 weeks) – Orange County Class Code 701023 The core class for HVAC certification MUST be taken before any other HVAC classes can be taken. It will be taught in a systems approach, all subject matter with constantly revolve around a VAV. The VAV system contains cooling or heating and a simple fan system. The psychometrics, air flow, refrigeration, heating and control information that is involved is useful as a review (or introduction) for the remaining courses.

HVAC Core II (Length of course – 18 weeks) -Los Angeles Class Code 702123 This class is a continuation of HVAC Core I and will study the Mollier diagram, cooling coil performance, direct expansion, chillers and heating and control systems. Journeymen who have complete HVAC Core I are encourage to continue and complete the CORE program.

Electronic Variable Speed Drives (Length of course – 12 weeks) Los Angeles – Class Code 711246 Class will start with an overview of motors and drives. In-depth sessions will highlight programming with theory, applications and practice using computer based training. There will be a broad range of industry representatives to give a varied array of product features and troubleshooting approaches.

Energy Audit  (Length of course – 16 weeks) – Los Angeles – Class Code 728027 This course will cover the skills needed by journeymen to analyze mechanical systems from an energy usage standpoint. The skills covered will be: performing a field energy audit, analyze utility bills, calculating paybacks, identify needed repairs and adjustments that effect the energy efficiency of mechanical systems. This course will also include lighting and mechanical retrofits. After successfully completing the course and passing an energy auditorsâ„¢ certification test, the students will receive an Energy Auditorsâ„¢ certificate.

Compressors  (Length of course – 18 weeks) – Combining both classroom and hands-on instruction, Compressors will study the specific details of the different compressors encountered working out in the field. Using the various manufactures latest techniques and step-by-step procedures, students will tear down and reassemble most of the different types of compressors which are studied in class. Course discussion will include:  compressor overhaul, alignment, capacity control, oil coolers, suction accumulators, discharge oil separators, refrigeration piping relating to compressor protection, velocity risers, oil traps, pressure temperature controllers, and the hazards of VAV on DX systems. Safety emphasis for the journeyman mechanic, equipment and the public will be stressed throughout the course.

Green Chill/Green Awareness (Length of course – 16 weeks) – Los Angeles – Class Code 742002 / Orange County – Class Code 742102 This course will cover Market refrigeration and commercial HVAC energy analysis and awareness combined with Green alternatives and energy efficiency of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration systems. Other topics will include electrical production and consumption and plumbing and piping systems. Water conservation, plumbing efficiencies, hot water distribution and circulating systems, wastewater, irrigation and fire protection systems will also be discussed.

Market Core (Length of course: 12 weeks) –Orange County Class Code 718254 The focus of the class will be in the three following areas: Market electrical control strategies and troubleshooting; Controls the most recent electronic controllers and mechanical controls; Refrigerants and oils application and performance for new equipment and retrofits.

Title 24 (Length of course: 15 weeks) –Orange County Class Code 738241 This course will cover uniform mechanical code as applied to the heating, ventilation and air conditioning industry. This is a preparation course for (ATT), Acceptance Testing Technician training.

OSHA 30 (Length of course: 12 weeks) –Los Angeles Class Code 741121 / Orange County Class Code 741021 This 30 Hour construction industry training course is a comprehensive safety program designed for anyone involved in the construction industry. Specifically devised for safety directors, foremen, and field supervisors, the program provides complete information on OSHA compliance issues.

– Self Contained/Lab (Length of course:18 Weeks) –Orange County Class Code 720217 This course will familiarize the technician with make-up, design, operation, wiring repain and installation of self contained coolers, freezers and ice machines.

– Refrigerant Piping (Length of course:18 weeks) –Colton Class Code 726234 Refrigerant Piping will cover topics including proper sizing of liquid, suction and hot gas lines. Oil traps, oil movement and discharge risers will also be covered. Special emphasis will be placed on service issues abd diagnostic evaluation of Direct Expansion systems.

-Vane Axial Fans (Length of course:12 weeks) –Los Angeles Class Code 725069 This course will focus on the teardown and reassembly of Joy, Woods and Flakt Vane Axial Fans. The students will learn the proper procedures for fan maintenance, overhaul and trouble shooting. The fan system vibration, sound levels and common vibration isolation methods will be discussed. Bearing selection, sheave and belt selection, maintenance and trouble shooting will be addressed. Motor construction, design, and bearing replacement procedures will be covered.