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Joint Journeymen & Apprentice Training Center

Course Descriptions


The core class for HVAC certification MUST be taken before any other HVAC classes can be taken. It will be taught in a systems approach; all subject matter will constantly revolve around a VAV. The VAV system contains cooling or heating and a simple fan system. The psychometrics, air flow, refrigeration, heating and control information that is involved is useful as a review (or introduction) for the remaining courses.

Length of Course: 18 weeks


This class is a continuation of HVAC Core I and will study the Mollier diagram, cooling coil performance, direct expansion, chillers and heating and control systems. Journeymen who have completed HVAC Core I are encouraged to continue and complete the CORE program.

Length of Course: 18 weeks


Combining both classroom and hands-on instruction, Compressors will study the specific details of the different compressors encountered working out in the field. Using the various manufacturers latest techniques and step-by-step procedures, students will teardown and reassemble most of the different types of compressors which are studied in class. Course discussion will include: compressor overhaul, alignment, capacity control, oil coolers, suction accumulators, discharge oil separators, refrigeration piping relating to compressor protection, velocity risers, oil traps, pressure temperature controllers, and the hazards of VAV on DX systems. Safety emphasis for the journeyman mechanic, equipment, and the public will be stressed throughout the course.

Length of Course : 18 weeks


By taking and participating in this web based class you will gain knowledge in the Blackboard program, GoToTraining and some good tips on communication. Have you ever had a bad experience with a customer? Take this class and learn techniques that can help you handle those uncomfortable and uneasy situations.

Length of Course: 13 weeks


The course will cover Direct Digital Controls pertaining to the air conditioning industry; including topics such as transducers, sensors and power supplies, and the techniques of reading input and output voltages. Students will also learn how to make the correct decision when repairing controls.

Length of Course: 18 weeks


This course covers various electrical requirements associated with HVAC equipment installations. The National Electrical Code gives specific guidelines that the student will become familiar with and be able to apply frequently to questions they may encounter regarding proper sizing of power conductors for resistive and inductive loads, acceptable voltage drop on a circuits involving significant distance from panel to load, proper sizing of equipment grounding conductors, proper sizing of raceways for various size conductors, and confirming wiring to small package units to large centrifugal chillers is correctly installed. The student upon completion of class will have a more critical perspective regarding the electrical installations that will be encountered on a daily basis.

Length of Course: 18 weeks


Class will start with an overview of Motors and Drives. In-depth sessions will highlight programming with theory, applications and practice using computer based training. There will be a broad range of industry representatives to give a varied array of product features and troubleshooting approaches.

Length of Course: 12 weeks 


This course is designed to qualify the journeymen to perform energy audits in commercial, industrial and residential buildings. The course will cover the process of preparing a certified energy audit report containing recommendations for energy cost savings. The retrofitting and re-commissioning steps that produced the energy cost saving to the building, will also be covered. This course meets the requirements needed for taking the National Energy Auditors Certification exam.

Length of Course: 9 weeks


This course is a prerequisite for Title 24 certification. The class is a certificate course, comprised of three sections, Fundamentals, Plumbing, and Mechanical, dealing with the Green Construction industry. Course will cover Green building practices, economic and health benefits, causes and impacts of changing climate, LEED strategies and overall benefits from Green construction and maintenance.

Length of Course: 9 weeks 


This course covers various green technologies in an online format with a new subject topic each week. Student can expect to gain a preliminary understanding of new green technologies being used within the mechanical trades which are being instituted throughout the new emerging global green economy. This class will present the student with an opportunity to begin to participate in the new green jobs created from these green technologies. The course will be taught in the Blackboard format.

Length of Course: 10 weeks


The focus of the class will be in the three following areas: Market electrical control strategies and troubleshooting; Controls – the most recent electronic controllers and mechanical controls; Refrigerants and oils – application and performance for new equipment and retrofits.

Length of Course: 12 weeks 


The design, principals, and operation of centrifugal fluid pumps, to include bearings and mechanical seal operations. Proper customer pricing and material procurement.

Length of Course: 10 weeks


This course will provide Journeymen with a specific overview of subjects including: Mechanica,l Electrical, Controls, Piping, Refrigeration, Rigging, Steam, Hydronics, and Customer Service. All course material will be in electronic form, so a laptop is required for enrollment. Additional equipment related material will also be provided for reference. The 3-week rigging portion will be held at the A&J Training Center in Gardena. For those that need to recertify or have not yet certified, the UA Star test will be administered during the last week of the course.

This course is also open to qualified MES’s upon approval of the JJATC and the student’s contractor. Howeve,r the UA Star test will not be available to those individuals.

Length of Course: 14 weeks