Your first step toward becoming HVAC certified begins with entry level Tradesman courses. The second step in your career is to become certified at the intermediate level as an M.E.S (Mechanical Equipment Serviceman)

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Tradesman Course Descriptions

Electrical (Length of course – 18 weeks)
Course Description: A study of electro-mechanical controls that make up an electric AC and gas heating package unit. Component identification and operation will be covered with special emphasis on safety procedures. Troubleshooting strategies will also be highlighted.

-Mechanical (Length of course – 18 weeks)
Course Description: This course is designed for the student to become familiar with and understand the refrigeration cycle as it applies to the different components of a system. The use of electricity as it applies to power and controls for HVAC systems will be covered. There will also be a review of refrigerant handling as it applies to the EPA CFC certification.

-Brazing & Soldering (Length of course – 18 weeks)

Safety torch techniques, cutting, fitting and brazing of various copper projects will be explored. Further, the techniques for isometric drawing and pipe symbols for soldering and brazing will be practiced.

MES Course Descriptions

Package Systems
Course Description: This course is a continuation of the MES structured troubleshooting class. This advanced class will continue the structured format for package unit installation and start up procedures

Advanced Troubleshooting Techniques
Course Description: This course is a continuation of the MES structured troubleshooting class. This advance class will continued the structured format to troubleshoot and repair electronic and processor base circuit boards found in package units control system.

Tradesman and MES ONLINE Classes and Course Descriptions

Refrigerant Controls (Required text for this course – Refrigerant Controls Manual)
By the end of this course, students will have the skills to understand the design concepts and operational approach of refrigeration controls. Special emphasis will be placed on troubleshooting and system diagnostics. The course is designed for people with little or no experience with refrigeration systems although experienced technicians would benefit from the review.

Electrical Controls online course (Required text for this course: Electrical Controls for Mechanical Equipment Service)
This course is designed to help you become familiar with Electrical Controls as they apply to air conditioning and refrigeration. The following will be included in this course: applied controls and control circuits, types of control action, sequence of operation and troubleshooting. Also covered will be discharge pressure control, expansion devices, regulators and accessories.